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Thanks to the following individuals who have contributed code or gave permission for their code to be used within the project (in reverse chronological order):

Vance Briggs fixed some bugs in Cream on Apple/Mac.

Philippe Hammes updated the French menu translation.

Ben Armstrong wrote the Syntax-to-HTML converter add-on.

Hanjo Kim wrote menu translations for Korean.

Ralgh Young added the menu translation scheme and wrote translations for Simplified Chinese.

Ciaran McCreesh and Thomas de Grenier de Latour build Cream for Gentoo [ext.link] and have fixed several bugs as a result. Ciaran also wrote the smoldering Inkpot [ext.link] color scheme, as well as the secure modelines for Vim that Cream uses.

Mike Williams wrote the Black & White color scheme, originally called print_bw [ext.link] .

Christoph Haas packages Cream for Debian and has assisted with system-wide installation issues.

Jean Jordaan wrote the Uniq() function used to remove duplicate lines.

Piet Delport created the speedy line sorting routine BISort2 [ext.link] used in the Sort add-on.

Gerald Williams wrote the visually tasty ChocolateLiquor [ext.link] color scheme, a flavor enhancement to the Cream already in Vim.

Ajit J. Thakkar wrote the Dawn [ext.link] color scheme, a tranquil variation of the default theme.

Dan Sharp was very helpful assisting the Windows build process.

Preben "Peppe" Guldberg wrote the right and center justification functions and the string inversion add-on logic.

Yegappan Lakshmanan authored taglist.vim [ext.link] which Cream uses to list all the valid functions and variables within the current file, as well as obtain function prototypes for our pop up prototype menus.

Srinath Avadhanula wrote the original version of the clever imaps.vim [ext.link] template script now modified in Cream to add a virtually unlimited number of expansions. (An improved version might be found in the Vim-LaTeX [ext.link] suite's CVS repository [ext.link] .)

Gontran Baerts wrote EasyHtml.vim [ext.link] , the powerful listing script once included for listing HTML and CSS items. (Now obsolete by Vim's Omni-Completion feature.)

Xavier Nodet, Christian Göebel and Jean-Philippe Leboeuf assisted in assembling the original French spell check and dictionary.

Patrick Schiel created the Opsplorer [ext.link] file explorer that Cream used until it began using the operating system's file manager.

Jani Nurminen created our sublime Zenburn [ext.link] color scheme.

Tom Regner created the Oceandeep [ext.link] color scheme, based on Niklas Lindström's Nightshimmer [ext.link] .

Meikel Brandmeyer wrote the EnhancedCommentify.vim [ext.link] module used to provide block commenting.

Jose Alberto Suarez Lopez assisted with assembling the original Spanish spell check and dictionary.

Wolfgang Hommel assembled the original German spell check dictionary. He also wrote wordlist utilities used to create Cream dictionaries and was instrumental in propelling the project's spell check to multi-lingual flexibility and case sensitivity.

Hari Krishna Dara wrote the most useful multvals.vim [ext.link] array library Cream depends on. Equally useful is his genutils.vim [ext.link] library. Both libraries are well-written pieces of code that help Cream be both smarter and smoother.

Matthew Hawkins created the continues-to-grow-on-you Navajo Night [ext.link] color scheme based on the psychedelic experience caused by his sticky Esc key while using Navajo. ;)

Ed Ralston and Takeshi Zeniya created the equally fabulous Navajo [ext.link] and Night [ext.link] color schemes, respectively.

Dr. Charles E. "Dr. Chip" Campbell, Jr. wrote the powerful spell checking module (originally called "engspchk.vim [ext.link] ") which provided our initial spell check engine until the integrated Vim 7 version.

Benji Fisher has micro-fragments of code spread throughout Cream. Little of it is explicitly sourced to him, but he was one of the most helpful voices on the Vim mailing lists [ext.link] and never tired of repeating helpful pointers for newbies and those of us who were too impatient to go groking through the help during Cream's formative years. :)

Yasuhiro Matsumoto's calendar.vim [ext.link] adds a clever and tidy little useful calendar extension.

Rajesh Kallingal made available the most recent used file menu which appears at the bottom of the File menu. It's original name is MruMenu.vim [ext.link] , and not any of the other similarly named modules without the same usefulness as this original.

Anthony Kruize and Wolfram Esser allowed us to include extended versions of their fabulous bookmarking functions ShowMarks.vim [ext.link] and vim_wok_visualcpp01.vim [ext.link] . Combined, these give us everything Cream needs in bookmarking: unnamed, visible, and quick.

And finally...

Bram Moolenaar, Vim's author, who wrote a terrific application, who timely responds to emails, who while gifted and skilled with programming, is still willing to devote his time and voice to the worthy cause of the Kibaale Children's Centre [ext.link] .


Cream is a big fan of Vim's charity: ICCF Holland Directing donations there helps the children, and is a way of supporting Vim.