: :   a modern configuration of the Vim text editor


Keyboard Shortcuts

Cream keyboard shortcuts provide quick access to many of the important feature list items also available from menus. See the KEYBOARD.txt [ext.link] file for a card you can place over your keyboard's function keys for quick help.

Alt+(underlined menu char) (open menu)
(arrow keys) Move menu selection
Basic File Operations
Ctrl+O File Open
Ctrl+S Save File (update only)
Ctrl+N New File
Ctrl+F4 Close File
Alt+F4 Exit
Basic Moving
(arrow keys) Move cursor around the screen by character
Home / End Move cursor to the beginning / end of a line (Home goes to screen line beginning, then toggles between real line beginning and first character)
PageUp / PageDown Scroll screen contents upwards / downward by page
Ctrl+ArrowUp / ArrowDown Scroll screen upwards / downwards by line
Ctrl+PageUp / PageDown Move cursor to screen top / bottom without scrolling
Ctrl+Alt+PageUp / PageDown Move cursor to screen middle without scrolling
Ctrl+Home / End Move to the top / bottom of the document
Basic Selection
Shift+ArrowLeft / Right Select text, by character
Shift+ArrowUp / Down Select text, by line up / down
Shift+Home / End Select text, to beginning / end of line
Shift+PageUp / PageDown Select text, to top / bottom of screen
Ctrl+Shift+ArrowLeft / Right Select text, by word left / right
Ctrl+Shift+ArrowUp / Down Move to top / bottom of selection
Ctrl+Shift+Home / End Select text, to beginning / end of document
Ctrl+A Select text, all
Shift+LeftMouse Select text, from cursor to click position
Basic Editing
Backspace Delete character behind cursor
Shift+Backspace Delete word behind cursor
Ctrl+Backspace Delete word behind cursor
Ctrl+Z Undo
Ctrl+Y Redo
Ctrl+X (selection) Cut
Ctrl+C (selection) Copy
Ctrl+V (selection) Paste
Ctrl+F Find (dialog)
Ctrl+H Find/Replace (dialog)
Ctrl+G Go to line number or % of file (dialog) (Unix may also need Shift)
Ctrl+W Word Wrap (toggle)
Ctrl+E Auto Wrap (toggle)
Ctrl+Q Quick Wrap existing un-wrapped paragraph (select for multiple paragraphs)
Ctrl+Q (x2) Quick Wrap (as above) except multiple spaces are also reduced to one. (Good for reformating and re-justifying at the same time.)
Alt+Q (x2) Quick Un-Wrap existing wrapped paragraph (select for multiple paragraphs)
Tab (selection) Indent text
Shift+Tab (selection) Un-indent text
Window/File Navigation
Ctrl+Tab Window Next (multiple) / File Next Open (single)
Ctrl+Shift+Tab Window Previous (multiple) / File Previous Open (single)
Advanced Functions
F1 Help
Ctrl+F1 Help, specific topic
Alt+F1 Help, list related topics
Alt+F2 Bookmark, set (toggle on/off)
F2 Bookmark, next
Shift+F2 Bookmark, previous
Alt+Shift+F2 Bookmark, clear all
F3 Find next word under cursor
Shift+F3 Find previous word under cursor
Alt+F3 Find next word under cursor, case sensitive
Alt+Shift+F3 Find previous word under cursor, case sensitive
F4 Show "invisible" characters
Shift+F4, character Insert character line (length of Wrap Width)
Shift+F4 (x2), character Insert character line (length of line above)
Ctrl+F4 Close File
Alt+F4 Exit Program
F5 Capitalize, Title Case (current word or selection)
Shift+F5 Capitalize, UPPERCASE (current word or selection)
Alt+F5 Capitalize, lowercase (current word or selection)
Ctrl+F5 Capitalize, rEVERSE cASE (current word or selection)
F6 Comment (current line or selection)
Shift+F6 Uncomment (current line or sselection)
F7 Spell check, next error
Shift+F7 Spell check, previous error
Alt+F7 Spell check, show errors (toggle)
Ctrl+F7 Spell check, add word under cursor to user dictionary
F8 Macro Play
Shift+F8 Macro Record
F9 Folds, open/close (toggle)
F9 (with text selected) Folds, set
Ctrl+F9 Folds, open all
Ctrl+Shift+F9 Folds, close all
Alt+F9 Folds, clear at cursor
Alt+Shift+F9 Folds, clear all
F10 (un-mapped, reserved)
F11 Date/Time insert (opens menu)
F11 (x2) Date/Time insert (last format used)
Ctrl+F11 Calendar (toggle)
F12 and combinations (reserved for user-defined Add-on mappings)
Insert Character By Values
Alt+, {number} Insert character by decimal value
Ctrl+K {two characters} Insert character by digraph (See Insert menu for listing)
Column Mode
Alt+Shift+{motion key} Column mode
Alt+Shift+LeftMouse Column mode, select from cursor position to click position
Esc, {motion}, or Left Mouse click Exits column mode
Ctrl+Space Word completion, Search backward
Ctrl+Shift+Space Word completion, Search forward
Ctrl+Enter Omni completion (list forward)
Ctrl+Shift+Enter Omni completion (list backward)
Esc+Space Template completion (see Tools menu for listing)
Terminal Menus
F12 (Terminal only) Console menu (Esc twice to exit)
Alt+. Values of character under cursor
Alt+( Information/prototype pop up menu
Tag Navigation (requires a working installation of exuberant ctags [ext.link] )
Alt+ArrowDown Go to tag under cursor
Alt+ArrowUp Close reference and return
Alt+ArrowLeft/ArrowRight Navigate backwards and forward between visited tags
Ctrl+Alt+ArrowDown Toggles Taglist for current file
File/Link Navigation in Text
Shift+Enter Open a file matching selection or text under cursor
Open a URL matching selection or text under cursor in browser
Vim's Normal Mode
Ctrl+L Vim's "Normal mode" (Esc to exit)
Ctrl+B Vim's "Normal mode", single command (Esc to exit)
Ctrl+\,Ctrl+N Vim's "Normal mode", alternate (Esc to exit)