: :   a modern configuration of the Vim text editor


Screenshot 1

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This snapshot shows a number of default features available in a recent version of Cream.

  • Optional tabbed document interface (new with Vim version 7.0).
  • Spell check :: Questionable words are indicated with red curvy underlines.
  • Line folding :: Each set of folded lines is condensed to a single gray line.
  • Vertical selections :: Column mode enables editing on multiple lines at once.
  • Syntax highlighting :: Ten different schemes color-code components like strings, comments, and functions.
  • Bookmarking :: Indications appear in the left margin as blue arrows
  • Word Wrap :: Wrap text at the margin or allow it to pass beyond.
  • Line numbers :: Can be turned off.
  • Toolbar :: Conventional often-used commands.
  • Status bar :: Bottom line displays plenty of helpful information.