: :   a modern configuration of the Vim text editor



Cream is free software [ext.link] , licensed under the GNU General Public License v3 [ext.link] .

  • Debian Linux [ext.link] : : by Jeroen Schot
  • FreeBSD [ext.link] : : by Janos Mohacsi (FreshPorts)
  • Gentoo Linux [ext.link] (unmaintained) : : by Ciaran McCreesh, Thomas de Grenier de Latour, et. al.
  • Windows [ext.link] (7.9 MB) : : One-click installer, includes both Vim and Cream.
  • Source install packages [ext.link] (0.8 MB) : : For both GNU/Linux and Windows. Requires an existing installation of gVim and basic command line knowledge.

Archives of previous versions can be found on Cream's SourceForge Project Files [ext.link] page.

Vim Without Cream

Windows Vim installers without Cream [ext.link] : : Includes both GUI and console Vim versions. Note this does not include Vim's standard install.exe, we rely soley on the Nullsoft Installer.